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architecture & interiors


our motto:

We strive to create original designs that build homes, businesses and brands, ensuring a unique continuation of your ideals from built structures to interior spaces. 


intelligent agent: 

(AI) is an intelligent agent, a system that perceives its environment and takes actions to maximize its chances of success. Intelligent agents must be able to set goals and achieve them, to find a way to visualize the future. 


our mission:


To deliver spaces that inspire your true self and help you achieve balance.

To provide an architecture that connects you to your environment.

To design architecture that makes you feel at home/at peace to be you, to focus on your meaningful tasks of life. 


our vision:


Combining a love for art and architecture to create your heartfelt spaces, we bring your dreams into reality. 

We believe in an aesthetic that conveys your values and lifestyle, designs that inspire your true self and your meaningful tasks of life. 

Simple, practical yet inspiring places. 




We create meaningful spaces in any form of the built environment. 

Our services range from designing the functional space, working with the details of materiality, eco-friendly elements and down to how you live within the place. 

We design interior elements to fit into your dream while the decor finishes are personalised with a team of specialists.




We design interior elements that fit into your brand, your home and your lifestyle. Kitchens, bars, reception counters and space planning. 


brand architecture:

We design the spaces that accommodate your brand. Commercial buildings, industrial buildings, shops, showrooms, etc. 



We consult on and commission for artwork that fits into the specific vision of your spaces. 



franz rabe | natural photography | naturalphoto.co.za
franz rabe | natural photography | naturalphoto.co.za
franz rabe | natural photography | naturalphoto.co.za






attention to detail